Gustav Mahler. Il mio tempo verrà

On the occasion of Mahler’s 150th birthday a Gustav Mahler anthology has now been published in Italian. Thanks to the comments of those who admired and respected him, the anthology plays a valuable role in keeping his spirit alive.

Il mio tempo verrà

Il mio tempo verrà

The figures quoted include musicologists, musicians, authors and great thinkers, all of them united by their deep passion for and their profound knowledge of Mahler.

Ernst Bloch, Richard Strauss, Arthur Schnitzler, Thomas Mann, Arnold Schönberg, Alma Mahler, Theodor W. Adorno, Glenn Gould, Leonard Bernstein, Daniel Barenboim and Claudia Abbado are just some of the great names selected by Gastón Fournier-Facio, the artistic coordinator of the Teatro alla Scala; names that contribute to creating a living image of the master and a careful analysis of his works.

Gustav Mahler. Il mio tempo verrà
La sua musica raccontata da critici, scrittori e interpreti 1901-2010
A cura di Gastón Fournier-Facio

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