Mahler on the Couch

We’ve just received the details about the forthcoming film Mahler on the Couch, directed by Percy Adlon and Felix Adlon.


Release date Germany/Austria July 7th 2010
A new film by Percy Adlon and Felix Adlon
A genius composer, his wife, her lover ”¦ and Sigmund Freud

Barbara Romaner as Alma
Johannes Silberschneider as Gustav Mahler
Karl Markovics as Sigmund Freud
Friedrich Mücke as Walter Gropius
Eva Mattes as Anna Moll
Lena Stolze as Justine Mahler-Rosé
Nina Berten as Anna von Mildenburg

Esa-Pekka Salonen conducts the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Gustav Mahler snatched Alma under the noses of Vienna’s artistic elite, but ten years of marriage and the death of one child have exacerbated the strains caused by the 19 year gap in their ages, and Mahler’s refusal to allow Alma to write music (“I need a wife, not a colleague”). While staying at a spa resort, Alma falls in love with Walter Gropius, five years her junior. Tormented, Mahler seeks advice from Sigmund Freud. The encounter of the two giants of music and psychoanalysis is bumpy, temperamental, and not without humor.

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