Jonathan Nott and Kent Nagano Interview Transcripts

The full transcripts of our Mahler interviews with Jonathan Nott and Kent Nagano are now available.


Mahler at the Proms

This year’s BBC Proms have a number of concerts of Mahler’s music. Matthias Goerne, Jonathan Nott, David Robertson, Dawn Upshaw, Bernard Haitink and Riccardo Chailly take their respective turns on stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

The works being performed are:

Kindertotenlieder – Prom 65
Des Knaben Wunderhorn – selection – PCM 13
Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen – Prom 76
Symphony No.4 – Prom 59
Symphony No.6 – Prom 28
Symphony No.9 – Prom 5
Symphony No.10 (compl. Cooke) – Prom 69

All concerts are broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 (available online).


Jonathan Nott on Gustav Mahler

“Frozen for eternity in death”

Do you remember the first time you heard Mahler’s music?

Nott: Yes. I actually came across Mahler when I was eight years old, singing in the boys choir in Worcester Cathedral; it was Mahler’s 8th.

Was Mahler part of the repertoire when you discovered his symphonies in the UK?

Nott: I wouldn’t say I discovered them ”“ apart from the 8th ”“ I just had much more experience of the 8th than anything else. I wasn’t really a concert-goer.

I grew up in the Midlands, in Worcester; there were concerts, but it wasn’t like being in Vienna or even London. There were very few opportunities to experience a Mahler symphony, therefore I think my first encounters were in mainland Europe ”“ Frankfurt, where I ended up in the late 80s.


Find the full interview in Gustav Mahler: The Conductors Interviews
Edited by Wolfgang Schaufler
ISBN: 978-3-7024-7162-0
ISMN: 979-0-008-08493-5
Order number: UE26311 (German Edition: UE26310)

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